Padel tournaments and events in the uk

Golden Point Padel organise tournaments and social events for players of all abilities! We focus on ensuring a competitive atmosphere while maintaining the social side of padel that makes it so enjoyable.

What makes Golden Point Padel unique? 

At Golden Point Padel, we strongly believe that our events allow our community to improve their game,  meet new players and win some of the most exciting prizes around! 

Competitive tournaments with elite prizes
Opportunities to be coached by the some of the countries finest 
positive social environnment


"I have taken part in three events so far and have signed up for another! Had a blast meeting and playing against friendly and talented ladies. Watching the final while sipping fizz provided by Golden Point was a fantastic end to the day. I totally recommend Golden Point padel events to anyone who wants an awesome day of padel!"

Emma Fenton

A member of the Golden Point Padel Community

"Been to three Golden Point events and they were awesome. Everything so well-organised, with clear rules and a vibe that made it super easy to enjoy and meet new people. Plus they hooked us up with free pizza-definitely worth it!"

Ryan Olivares

A member of the Golden Point Padel Community