How and when was padel created?

Padel was invented in Acapulco, Mexico, in the 1960s by Enrique Corcuera. According to the most widely accepted version of the story, Corcuera created the sport to provide entertainment for his family and friends. The idea came to him when he was renovating his property and had limited space available.

Corcuera adapted a tennis court by surrounding it with walls of glass and mesh. The enclosed space allowed for the ball to stay in play for longer periods, and the use of walls added a unique dynamic to the game. The smaller court size made it more suitable for recreational play among family members and friends.

The first official padel court was built in 1969 at Marbella Club, a luxury resort in Spain. Padel quickly gained popularity in Spain and later spread to other Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and South America. Today, it has become one of the fastest-growing racquet sports globally, with an increasing number of players and facilities dedicated to the sport.